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7. Always be moving forward.
Never stop investing. Never stop improving. Never stop doing something new. The moment you stop improving your organization, it starts to die. Make it your goal to be better each and every day, in some small way. Remember the Japanese concept of Kaizen. Small daily improvements eventually result in huge advantages.
From Bob Parsons 16 Rules for Success in Business & Life in General.
Copyright © 2005-2007
Bob Parsons. All rights reserved.


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Jesse's Birthday is April 18th, only 2 days away.
Lori G.'s Birthday is May 13th, only 27 days away.
Kelsey's Birthday is May 27th, only 41 days away.
Brittney C.'s Birthday is May 31st, only 45 days away.
Miles C.'s Birthday is June 1st, only 46 days away.
Steve N.'s Birthday is June 4th, only 49 days away.
Grandpa's Birthday is June 5th, only 50 days away.
Brynn's Birthday is June 10th, only 55 days away.
Wendy & Travis's Anniversary is June 27th, only 72 days away.
Brittney & Brian's Anniversary is June 30th, only 75 days away.
Judy's Birthday is August 13th, only 119 days away.
Wendy V.'s Birthday is August 16th, only 122 days away.
John L.'s Birthday is August 17th, only 123 days away.
Shannon's Birthday is August 18th, only 124 days away.
Ethan's Birthday is August 19th, only 125 days away.
Mike & Marty's Anniversary is August 23rd, only 129 days away.
Taylor's Birthday is August 24th, only 130 days away.
Christe's Birthday is August 25th, only 131 days away.
Chere's Birthday is August 25th, only 131 days away.
Brenan G.'s Birthday is August 29th, only 135 days away.
Aaron's Birthday is August 31st, only 137 days away.
NoŽl's Birthday is September 12th, only 149 days away.
Audrey's Birthday is September 12th, only 149 days away.
Madeline's Birthday is September 13th, only 150 days away.
Zoie V.'s Birthday is September 15th, only 152 days away.
Travis V.'s Birthday is September 18th, only 155 days away.
Madelyn C.'s Birthday is October 8th, only 175 days away.
Jenni B.'s Birthday is October 18th, only 185 days away.
Brenan & Lori's Anniversary is November 4th, only 202 days away.
Arminda's Birthday is November 11th, only 209 days away.
Grace V.'s Birthday is November 17th, only 215 days away.
Mike's Birthday is November 18th, only 216 days away.
Michele N.'s Birthday is November 28th, only 226 days away.
Tom's Birthday is December 5th, only 233 days away.
Teagan's Birthday is December 5th, only 233 days away.
Jon's Birthday is December 11th, only 239 days away.
Brian & NoŽl's Anniversary is December 31st, only 259 days away.
Ashley V.'s Birthday is January 4th, only 262 days away.
Presley G.'s Birthday is January 12th, only 270 days away.
Louisa's Birthday is January 13th, only 271 days away.
Brian's Birthday is January 26th, only 284 days away.
Scott W.'s Birthday is February 7th, only 296 days away.
Lisa's Birthday is February 10th, only 299 days away.
Susan M.'s Birthday is February 13th, only 302 days away.
Brian C.'s Birthday is February 13th, only 302 days away.
Chere & Tom's Anniversary is February 14th, only 303 days away.
John M.'s Birthday is February 15th, only 304 days away.
Kerry M.'s Birthday is March 2nd, only 319 days away.
Donny B.'s Birthday is March 3rd, only 320 days away.
Debbie W.'s Birthday is March 4th, only 321 days away.
Cody's Birthday is March 7th, only 324 days away.
Marty's Birthday is March 14th, only 331 days away.
Landen G.'s Birthday is March 21st, only 338 days away.
Garrett's Birthday is March 22nd, only 339 days away.
Nancy & Steve's Anniversary is March 22nd, only 339 days away.
Linda's Birthday is March 26th, only 343 days away.
Nancy's Birthday is March 26th, only 343 days away.
Donny & Jenni's Anniversary is April 7th, only 355 days away.
Heather R.'s Birthday is April 10th, only 358 days away.

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