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10. Anything that is not managed will deteriorate.
If you want to uncover problems you don't know about, take a few moments and look closely at the areas you haven't examined for a while. I guarantee you problems will be there.
From Bob Parsons 16 Rules for Success in Business & Life in General.
Copyright © 2005-2007
Bob Parsons. All rights reserved.


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Wendy & Travis's Anniversary is June 27th, only 2 days away.
Brittney & Brian's Anniversary is June 30th, only 5 days away.
Judy's Birthday is August 13th, only 49 days away.
Wendy V.'s Birthday is August 16th, only 52 days away.
John L.'s Birthday is August 17th, only 53 days away.
Shannon's Birthday is August 18th, only 54 days away.
Ethan's Birthday is August 19th, only 55 days away.
Mike & Marty's Anniversary is August 23rd, only 59 days away.
Taylor's Birthday is August 24th, only 60 days away.
Christe's Birthday is August 25th, only 61 days away.
Chere's Birthday is August 25th, only 61 days away.
Brenan G.'s Birthday is August 29th, only 65 days away.
Aaron's Birthday is August 31st, only 67 days away.
NoŽl's Birthday is September 12th, only 79 days away.
Audrey's Birthday is September 12th, only 79 days away.
Madeline's Birthday is September 13th, only 80 days away.
Zoie V.'s Birthday is September 15th, only 82 days away.
Travis V.'s Birthday is September 18th, only 85 days away.
Madelyn C.'s Birthday is October 8th, only 105 days away.
Jenni B.'s Birthday is October 18th, only 115 days away.
Brenan & Lori's Anniversary is November 4th, only 132 days away.
Arminda's Birthday is November 11th, only 139 days away.
Grace V.'s Birthday is November 17th, only 145 days away.
Mike's Birthday is November 18th, only 146 days away.
Michele N.'s Birthday is November 28th, only 156 days away.
Tom's Birthday is December 5th, only 163 days away.
Teagan's Birthday is December 5th, only 163 days away.
Jon's Birthday is December 11th, only 169 days away.
Brian & NoŽl's Anniversary is December 31st, only 189 days away.
Ashley V.'s Birthday is January 4th, only 192 days away.
Presley G.'s Birthday is January 12th, only 200 days away.
Louisa's Birthday is January 13th, only 201 days away.
Brian's Birthday is January 26th, only 214 days away.
Scott W.'s Birthday is February 7th, only 226 days away.
Lisa's Birthday is February 10th, only 229 days away.
Brian C.'s Birthday is February 13th, only 232 days away.
Susan M.'s Birthday is February 13th, only 232 days away.
Chere & Tom's Anniversary is February 14th, only 233 days away.
John M.'s Birthday is February 15th, only 234 days away.
Kerry M.'s Birthday is March 2nd, only 249 days away.
Donny B.'s Birthday is March 3rd, only 250 days away.
Debbie W.'s Birthday is March 4th, only 251 days away.
Cody's Birthday is March 7th, only 254 days away.
Marty's Birthday is March 14th, only 261 days away.
Landen G.'s Birthday is March 21st, only 268 days away.
Garrett's Birthday is March 22nd, only 269 days away.
Nancy & Steve's Anniversary is March 22nd, only 269 days away.
Linda's Birthday is March 26th, only 273 days away.
Nancy's Birthday is March 26th, only 273 days away.
Donny & Jenni's Anniversary is April 7th, only 285 days away.
Heather R.'s Birthday is April 10th, only 288 days away.
Jesse's Birthday is April 18th, only 296 days away.
Lori G.'s Birthday is May 13th, only 321 days away.
Kelsey's Birthday is May 27th, only 335 days away.
Brittney C.'s Birthday is May 31st, only 339 days away.
Miles C.'s Birthday is June 1st, only 340 days away.
Steve N.'s Birthday is June 4th, only 343 days away.
Grandpa's Birthday is June 5th, only 344 days away.
Brynn's Birthday is June 10th, only 349 days away.

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