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12. Never let anybody push you around.
In our society, with our laws and even playing field, you have just as much right to what you're doing as anyone else, provided that what you're doing is legal.
From Bob Parsons 16 Rules for Success in Business & Life in General.
Copyright © 2005-2007
Bob Parsons. All rights reserved.


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Kelsey's Birthday is May 27th, only 3 days away.
Brittney C.'s Birthday is May 31st, only 7 days away.
Miles C.'s Birthday is June 1st, only 8 days away.
Steve N.'s Birthday is June 4th, only 11 days away.
Grandpa's Birthday is June 5th, only 12 days away.
Brynn's Birthday is June 10th, only 17 days away.
Wendy & Travis's Anniversary is June 27th, only 34 days away.
Brittney & Brian's Anniversary is June 30th, only 37 days away.
Judy's Birthday is August 13th, only 81 days away.
Wendy V.'s Birthday is August 16th, only 84 days away.
John L.'s Birthday is August 17th, only 85 days away.
Shannon's Birthday is August 18th, only 86 days away.
Ethan's Birthday is August 19th, only 87 days away.
Mike & Marty's Anniversary is August 23rd, only 91 days away.
Taylor's Birthday is August 24th, only 92 days away.
Chere's Birthday is August 25th, only 93 days away.
Christe's Birthday is August 25th, only 93 days away.
Brenan G.'s Birthday is August 29th, only 97 days away.
Aaron's Birthday is August 31st, only 99 days away.
NoŽl's Birthday is September 12th, only 111 days away.
Audrey's Birthday is September 12th, only 111 days away.
Madeline's Birthday is September 13th, only 112 days away.
Zoie V.'s Birthday is September 15th, only 114 days away.
Travis V.'s Birthday is September 18th, only 117 days away.
Madelyn C.'s Birthday is October 8th, only 137 days away.
Jenni B.'s Birthday is October 18th, only 147 days away.
Brenan & Lori's Anniversary is November 4th, only 164 days away.
Arminda's Birthday is November 11th, only 171 days away.
Grace V.'s Birthday is November 17th, only 177 days away.
Mike's Birthday is November 18th, only 178 days away.
Michele N.'s Birthday is November 28th, only 188 days away.
Tom's Birthday is December 5th, only 195 days away.
Teagan's Birthday is December 5th, only 195 days away.
Jon's Birthday is December 11th, only 201 days away.
Brian & NoŽl's Anniversary is December 31st, only 221 days away.
Ashley V.'s Birthday is January 4th, only 224 days away.
Presley G.'s Birthday is January 12th, only 232 days away.
Louisa's Birthday is January 13th, only 233 days away.
Brian's Birthday is January 26th, only 246 days away.
Scott W.'s Birthday is February 7th, only 258 days away.
Lisa's Birthday is February 10th, only 261 days away.
Susan M.'s Birthday is February 13th, only 264 days away.
Brian C.'s Birthday is February 13th, only 264 days away.
Chere & Tom's Anniversary is February 14th, only 265 days away.
John M.'s Birthday is February 15th, only 266 days away.
Kerry M.'s Birthday is March 2nd, only 281 days away.
Donny B.'s Birthday is March 3rd, only 282 days away.
Debbie W.'s Birthday is March 4th, only 283 days away.
Cody's Birthday is March 7th, only 286 days away.
Marty's Birthday is March 14th, only 293 days away.
Landen G.'s Birthday is March 21st, only 300 days away.
Garrett's Birthday is March 22nd, only 301 days away.
Nancy & Steve's Anniversary is March 22nd, only 301 days away.
Linda's Birthday is March 26th, only 305 days away.
Nancy's Birthday is March 26th, only 305 days away.
Donny & Jenni's Anniversary is April 7th, only 317 days away.
Heather R.'s Birthday is April 10th, only 320 days away.
Jesse's Birthday is April 18th, only 328 days away.
Lori G.'s Birthday is May 13th, only 353 days away.

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